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Wired Monk Grand Opening Sunday, June 26

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Any drink on the menu for a Toonie – only $2 – all day long!

Drop by Parallel and enjoy your Sunday at Wired Monk. Settle into comfy chairs amidst their West Coast décor, take a breath and savour some ‘you’ time, as well as any of their delicious coffee drinks for only a toonie. Sunday doesn’t get much more soothing.

Unless of course, you decide to go for it and indulge in a lazy breakfast, baked goods or crispy Panini sandwich. See you at the Monk……..

June 2011
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June Parallel Marketplace Newsletter

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The latest Parallel Newsletter has arrived!
In the June Issue:

  • Lush Life Nail Bar opening specials
  • Perk up at Wired Monk
  • From the bountiful sea
  • Thrifty Foods recipe – Oysters with mignonette sauce
  • Canada Day with Whatcom Wine & Spirits
  • Be home smart with BMO
  • Opening soon
  • Win a shopping spree from Thrifty Foods!

» Click here to download the June Parallel Marketplace Newsletter

June 2011
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The Wired Monk Coffee Bistro is “Now Pouring” at Parallel Marketplace

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Take a Pacific West concept and mould it together with European flare, add a comfortable fireplace lounge area and a room of warm & inviting colors. Dress it up with original hand-painted art and combine that with exceptional products, old world roasted coffee and friendly service. Put it all together and you are enjoying the Wired Monk experience.
We’re not in a rush. In fact, we like taking the time to slow down. That’s why our coffee is roasted longer and more slowly than other coffees. And we believe that coffee from each region of the coffee producing world is distinct and it needs its own special roasting time and temperature to bring out its characteristics. You’ll be surprised to find that coffee from Africa has aromas and flavors that are totally different than coffee from Costa Rica, or Columbia, or Mexico, or anywhere else! And with Wired Monk’s superior coffees, you’ll be able to appreciate these unique tastes all the more. And if lattes and mochas are your favorites, you’ll be glad to know that we take extra care to prepare espresso, the base ingredient in all of Wired Monk’s specialty coffees. Wired Monk specially trains and educates baristas to prepare your beverage so it’s always delightful!
June 2011
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